Address: Exochi, Kavalas-Greece

Stone History

Since 1958, the residents of the Paggaio area of Kavala have been looking for ways to build their houses with natural materials, as they could not easily buy building materials (cement, tiles, etc.). This material was accidentally found at the foot of Mount Pangeo. It is a material that is torn from rocky slices into slices 3 – 4 cm thick, by its nature. At first, they found it on slopes and streams and hit it with a hammer and chisel to cut it off from the rest of the rock. So, almost everyone in the area started to cover their houses with slate.

Company History

From 1976, people began to trade slate as its reputation as an excellent insulating and decorative material began to spread throughout Greece. Among the first of them, was George Nikolaidis, founder of the company and father of all four current shareholders, who founded the company S. Nikolaidou & Co. in 1974 (today’s SNSTONES).

The company SN STONES, therefore, for 45+ years has been engaged in the extraction, processing and marketing of natural stones from quarries, the exploitation of which it has secured for several decades.

It is a purely family business.

Stone Supplier SN STONES

The company operates in Greece and abroad, especially in European countries such as Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Scandinavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc. but also in America and Australia.

SNSTONES aims to serve its customers in the best possible way and with maximum efficiency, in any continent of the world, in line with the quality of its products.

Inspiring Products

Our consistency in service, the quality of our products and the clear pricing policy are characteristics that have earned our customers confidence and satisfaction over many years, both in Greece and abroad.

Mr. George Nikolaidis

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SNSTONES heart beats on its facilities. This is where we house our philosophy and our state-of-the-art technological equipment; here is the place where everything begins and leads to you. This route, to the final user, goes through the hands of the experienced personnel of our company, who handle all tasks with the care of the technological programming of the automated systems, as well as the completion of the final functions.

SNSTONES is always by your side. Join us for the video presentation.