Address: Exochi, Kavalas-Greece


The Product

Pangeo slate is an industrial product and it is a rock of unique quality that is extracted from depths of up to 70 meters, only in the quarries on the slopes of the Pangeo Mountain, which is why it is named after the term.
They are characteristic gray slabs that are cut and partially separated from single large rocks by exclusively manual labor, a process that has continued and has remained unchanged since its first day of application, for half a century.
It requires special experience and is performed exclusively by specialized stone craftsmen.

Pangeo Kavala’s slate has features and properties that no other ornamental rock in the world presents, such as:

  • It is completely impermeable to water
  • It doesn’t slip
  • It is made of 85% granite
  • Easy to install and apply
  • Exceptional resistance to any extreme hot – cold weather
  • It has a natural surface