Address: Exochi, Kavalas-Greece
Polygonal Slates
Kavala Ombra Polygonal Slate


Material: Natural Kavala Slate
Color: Grey, Beige and Brown Shades
Surface: Natural
Use: Indoor and outdoor flooring

Thickness: a) 1.5 – 3.0 cm  b) 2.5 – 4.0 cm
Pallet: a) 40 m2, 9-11 pcs/m2  b) 30 m2, 9-11 pcs/m2


Kavala slate is a natural rock of unique quality that is extracted from depths of up to 75 meters only in the quarries on the slopes of Mount Pangeo. The irregular slabs are gray in color, cut off and partially separated from single large rocks by manual labor only.



*Colours and dimensions are indicative due to the fact that they are natural materials