Address: Exochi, Kavalas-Greece


Material: Limestone marble
Colour: Brown, white, and orange shades
Surface: One side natural & one side cut
Use: Indoor and outdoor wall cladding
Thickness: 3-5 cm
Timber Crate & Weight:
a) Body: 10-15 m2, -/+ 900 Kg
b) Corner: 25-30 LM, -/+ 800 Kg
Pallet & Weight:
a) Body: 20 m2, -/+ 1500 Kg
b) Corner: 25-30 LM, -/+ 800 Kg


Stone Pro-Fit Canyon is produced from limestone after special processing. Natural materials are also produced from the same material to cover corners on walls and columns of each project.


*Colours and dimensions are indicative due to the fact that they are natural materials